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City council examines residential and semi-truck parking ordinances
The Grants Pass City Council during their Monday Workshop examined possible changes to both the residential and semi-truck parking ordinances.

The topic was originally brought to council and staff by Councilor Lily Morgan who was concerned parking enforcement was a complaint-based system that allowed a disgruntled neighbor to call in repeated violations on one individual, whereas another individual down the street could park their vehicles for an extended period on the roadway without suffering any consequences. Morgan is seeking uniformity in the parking ordinance’s enforcement.

Parks and Community Development Assistant Director Lora Glover addressed council about the possibility of a long-term residential parking permit. Under the current code, a personal car can stay parked on a public roadway for three days and then it has to move at least 300 feet to avoid a citation. The parking permits would allow a vehicle to park in their designated location for a potential two weeks or longer.

The council majority agreed with Morgan's sentiments and ideas for a potential long-term parking permit will be brought before council at a later date.

City Manager Aaron Cubic also addressed the council about the results of a semi-truck parking forum held by the city and the possible options council can pursue.

Individuals from the trucking industry requested to be able to park in residential areas, agreed that they would not excessively idle their vehicles and they had concerns about the possibility of theft and vandalism of their property. The majority of trucks park near the hospital on Ramsey Avenue and nearby business owners are concerned about noise, pollution and the obstruction they cause to passing motorists.

Councilors felt the ordinance banning trucks from residential areas should stand and city staff needs to bring back further options for the regulation of trucks in commercial zones.
Posted on 7/14/14 2:34PM by Jared Dill