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Vehicle Fire and Fruit Spill Delay I-5 Rush Hour Traffic
A motorhome fire and fruit spill held up northbound traffic on Interstate Five during rush hour on Tuesday.

According to Medford Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Ken Goodson, the fruit consisted of apples and apricots. It created a mash that layered the roadway, making it slick. One motorcyclist lost control and crashed at the scene, but officials are unsure of any injuries resulting from the accident.

One lane of northbound traffic was closed for about one hour while Oregon Department of Transportation crews cleaned up the mess.

Meanwhile, a motorhome burst into flames on the trail end of the southbound I-Five on-ramp at Exit 30 shortly before the fruit truck crash.

Nobody was injured in the fire. Police and fire officials closed the southbound lanes for about 20 minutes and traffic was then reduced to one lane for roughly an hour while crews cleared the scene. Officials say leaking fuel from the motorhome made it difficult for firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

A spokesman for the Department of Transportation says the presumption is that the fruit truck driver was distracted by the motorhome fire and crashed.
Posted on 7/16/14 8:44AM by Chuck Benson