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Police drop charges against alleged Medford arsonist
Medford Police detectives contacted the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office Monday and had charges dropped against one of the two alleged Medford arsonists in custody.

Officers arrested 29-year-old Gregory Stabile after eyewitnesses indicated they saw him set a fire on July 31 at 1134 W. 9th St. As witnesses were attempting to douse the fire, another witness followed Stabile while calling 911 and a passing detective apprehended Stabile in the parking lot of the Jackson County Parole and Probation building. The fire subsequently damaged two structures at 1134 and 1130 W. 9th St.

Detectives say after gathering additional evidence they were able to eliminate Stabile as a person of interest in the case and he has since been released from the Jackson County Jail.

Anyone with information about this or any of the other Medford arson fires is asked to call Medford P.D. by dialing 541-774-2230.
Posted on 8/5/14 8:19AM by Jared Dill