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ODF hammers the Old Blue Mountain Fire with bucket drops
The Oregon Department of Forestry hammered the Old Blue Mountain Fire eight miles south of Rogue River with bucket drops yesterday.

Fire helicopters ran from morning till dusk and strength of the fire has been reduced considerably since Monday night.

The fire is now estimated at 99 acres. 85 percent of the fire line has been completed and the blaze is now considered 30 percent contained.

A Level 1 Evacuation remains in effect for residents of the left fork of Humbug Creek Road and the main fork of Humbug Creek Road from address 2542 onward.

Roadblocks also remain on the right fork of Foots Creek Road from the four-mile mark. Only residents and firefighting personnel are allowed through.
Posted on 8/20/14 5:33AM by Jared Dill