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Police Car Look-Alike Stopped; Driver Ticketed for $3,220
A pseudo police car was caught twice speeding at close to 100 mph along Interstate 5, authorities said.

August 15th an unmarked, black-and-white Dodge Charger was clocked at 96 mph in a construction zone near Gold Hill and 101 mph farther down the road near Central Point moments later, according to a news release from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

The Charger was outfitted with police equipment, a cage between the front and back seats and a red-and-blue-flashing light bar, the release said. The flashing lights weren't activated when the car was spotted speeding.

The driver, whom the sheriff's department didn't name, was cited for careless driving, operation with nonstandard lighting equipment and failure to carry insurance and was issued a pair of speeding tickets for a total price tag of $3,220, the release said.
Posted on 8/20/14 9:35AM by Chuck Benson