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City Council Affirms UAPB’s Denial of Challis Heights Planned Unit Development
It was standing room only when the Grants Pass City Council convened a public hearing of an appeal of the Urban Area Planning Commission’s denial of the Challis Heights Planned Unit Development Wednesday night in Council Chambers.

The UAPC’s decision was affirmed after much public testimony, unanimously calling upon the council to uphold the denial, and council debate.

Several councilors expressed their respect not only for the residents that would be affected, but the rights of the land owner to develop his land.

The development was proposing building 25 units on land adjacent to the Grants Pass Golf Course. The access to the development would be on a private road coming off the top of Espy Road, which is also the main access to Cathedral Hills hiking and equestrian trails. The new road would have to cross BLM land in order to get to the development site.

The one factor that swayed most councilors was the impact on residents on Espy Road, which could see a traffic increase of 180 trips daily not counting the five years of construction traffic.

The vote to affirm was five to one with Councilor Rick Riker casting the lone dissenting vote.

Councilors then quickly passed an ordinance rezoning a property at 450 Ament Road and three lots on Spalding Avenue to Industrial from rural industrial.

The council also passed a motion to authorize the City Manager to enter into a settlement agreement with the housing authority.
Posted on 8/20/14 9:59PM by Chuck Benson