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Ashland P.D. Ups the Ante with New Bait Bike
Thieves who steal a new $1,500 Ashland Police Department bait bicycle could face felony charges.

A 17-year-old male who allegedly stole the bike on Aug. 12 already has landed in the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center in Medford.

The Ashland P.D. began setting out bikes of a lower value in October 2013 and made their first arrest within hours of launching the bait bike program. Those bikes, equipped with tracking devices, are unclaimed and stored in APD's bike corral.
The $1,500 bicycle is the first purchased by APD for the program.

Theft reaches the felony level when the item taken is valued at $1,000 or more.

Police hope to not only deter bike theft in Ashland, but to catch higher-level criminals who are taking part in more organized theft operations. They typically target expensive bikes.
Posted on 8/21/14 3:30PM by Chuck Benson