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Public Safety Incidents
The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety log contained these incidents.

A hit and run was reported Sunday evening that caused approximately $1,200 damage to the victimís vehicle. Allegedly a female driving a 2004 or 05 white Chevy 4 x 4, who had booked a birthday party at Wild River, backed into a vehicle in the parking lot, got out, surveyed the damage, and then left.

At 7:52 Sunday night a store owner reported an Hispanic male adult in his mid-20ís was harassing customers asking them to buy him beer and knocking things over while refusing to leave the 7-11 on southwest 6th. The man was gone when police arrived.

Shortly after midnight this morning police arrested and jailed Justin Kennedy on charges of possession of heroin and more than four ounces of marijuana.

At 2:50 this morning Michael Van Hill was lodged on a parole violation and possession of marijuana.

A victim reported he had caught several kids breaking into his garage at 533 northwest D Street. Stolen items were located in the ally way along with three vehicles that had been broken into.