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Neighbors Appeal Methadone Clinic Location with LUBA
Southern Oregon Pediatrics, a children’s clinic, and Mariposa Townhomes, and apartment complex have challenged the city of Medford’s approval of a methadone clinic at 777 Murphy Road.

The two groups contend the city should have conducted public hearings before approving the methadone clinic. The attorney representing the children’s clinic and the apartment complex owners states the city made no determination that a methadone clinic was suitable for the adjacent residential neighborhood.

They have asked the Land Use Board of Appeals to send the issue back to Medford and insist the city hold a hearing to take additional evidence on the impacts of the methadone clinic.

The methadone clinic, owned by CRC Health Oregon Incorporated, serves 500 clients a day and was forced to move last summer when it was determined it was too close to a daycare center.

CRC’s attorney says that the clinic is a health services facility and not a hospital, therefore it was appropriate for the city to conclude the methadone clinic is an outright permitted use in the zone.