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Bomb Attempt at Jackson County D.A.’s Office
The Medford Police Department and Federal authorities are investigating an explosion that occurred at around 4:30 this morning at the Jackson County District Attorney’s office. Medford Police say it was a homemade bomb made from a propane tank.

The bomb itself did not go off, only the detonator, causing a loud boom and small fire. There were no injuries, but some damage was caused. Authorities say it could have been much worse.

Bomb technicians are inspecting the building for a secondary device while police enforce a perimeter with road closures around the area. Mistletoe between 8th and 10th Street and Laurel between 4th and 10th are closed.

Police are seeking a man who was seen fleeing the area dressed in black and carrying a flashlight, but no arrests or contacts have been made at this time.