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SOU’s Fall enrollment drops by 341 students
Oregon University system released data regarding SOU’s fall enrollment to find it had dropped by 341 students, this puts the student population at 6,140.

This is a 5.3 percent drop in which SOU president Mary Cullinan attributed to the recent loss of the two largest graduating classes ever. “That’s part of the story, we’re still making up for the loss of those big classes.” Cullinan reported Thursday.

Cullinan also stated that the drop in students can be linked to the slow improvement of the local regional economy, as it climbs, more college age individuals are taking jobs over enrolling in classes, on the other hand, she attributes climbing tuition and the prevalence of the need for financial aid also plays a part in the schools lower enrollment numbers, “Over 70 percent of our students are on some kind of financial aid, They are struggling.”