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May 21st

Favorite Band
Pearl Jam

Favorite Television Shows
The Office
Modern Family


     I wasn't born in Grants Pass, but I might as well have been. My family moved to Grants Pass when I was three months old. I graduated from Grants Pass High School and am still here (and going strong) with my husband and two daughters.

     I love to go camping, fishing, and entertaining friends with my amazing barbecue. You will never find me without at least one Pearl Jam album in my car.

     I wear many hats at the station and love it! In addition to my time on the air at KLDR, I also lend my voice to many of the commercials you hear. Another of the hats I hear puts me in the role of Promotions Director. As Promotions Director I oversee the giveaways and big events for the stations. Last but not least, I am your friendly radio sales consultant who loves to put more money in the pockets of our local businesses. I feel working with our great list of advertisers and bringing new ones to the air waves is one of the most rewarding things I do.

     I love my family, my community, and the Lord. I can truly say I enjoy my job and look forward to coming to work (most days).