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February 27th

Wedding Anniversary
January 9th
June 26th
(Long Story)

Birth City
Washington, DC

Favorite Television Shows
I Dream of Jeannie


     My parents were married in Grants Pass, Oregon in 1957. I was born six years later in Washington DC, where my dad was stationed in the Army. My family moved back to Grants Pass when I was nine months old. I attended New Hope Christian School while in Kindergarten. I was six my dad decided to move our family, along with my new sister Kari, north to Alaska. We lived on a floating logging camp where all the men were loggers, all the women were homemakers, and all the children were taught in a single classroom by one teacher. I was catching Salmon and Halibut by the age of six. To pass time, our family would walk the shores around our island to observe bears rummaging in the dumps. I enjoyed watching beavers build their dams and picking wild Alaskan cotton. On Sundays, we would pile in our boat and explore small islands, inlets, glaciers, and hunter cabins. It was a peaceful lifestyle. The peace was shattered on the day my dad was killed in a plane crash; I was 8 years old. My mom, still pregnant with my youngest sister, moved our family back to Grants Pass; life went on.

     I am the oldest of three girls. I am married to Wendell Stark. We began our lives together in June of 1984. We have four grown children and thirteen grandchildren; we currently raise three of them. I began working for KAJO in March of 1991; I signed-on to our FM station for the first time at nine A.M. July 4, 1993. I call it my God-job. I love what I do! You will find me on KAJO from 6AM to 10AM each weekday and KLDR from 10AM to 2PM.

May God richly bless you, guard and protect you.

Email me at jeanette@kldr.com Peace!