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Reception / Announcer
Birthdate: December 30th Nickname(s): DrummerKyle, Kyle D
Favorite Authors:
Hunter S. Thompson
Christina Hoff Sommers
Ian Flemming
Favorite Movies:
The Empire Strikes Back
Drop Dead Fred

My name is Kyle Dunlap. I have been given a tremendous opportunity to work for KAJO/KLDR and play today’s, yesterday’s (and if we can bend space and time) tomorrow’s best music for you.

I have not lived in Grants Pass for too long myself, but my family has been in the area for generations. I have fond memories of Boatnik celebrations and Hellgate rides from the time I was a wee sprout.

I am 24 years old and admittedly a rookie in the radio world, but in the endless yapping world I am a seasoned veteran, so I might have found a nice fit on the radio.

I play drums, (when someone is nice enough to let me sit behind their kit) I am a rabid dog lover . . . wait that didn't come out right . . . Thank you for keeping all of us here at KAJO/KLDR in your hearts and ears.