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Production / Announcer
Birthdate: December 3rd
Birth City:
San Diego, California
Favorite Music Styles:
Southern Rock

Let's go back to 1996, about six years of residency in Oregon behind me at this point and looking for work.

I always wanted to work in radio and had just finished a brief "training" session with a fellow named Jim Zinn. You may remember him as a DJ on KRWQ when they were in Gold Hill and owned by the Duane and Sheri Hill. I had met Sheri a few years prior and asked her how I could get a job in radio and she's the one that led me to Jim Zinn. Anyway, with a demo tape on cassette I set out to find a job.

The second stop on my journey was KAJO. It was there that I met Jim Wilson and after spending a couple of weeks under his tutorial I was on the air.

I started as a part timer and finally achieved full time status.

In December 2010 KAJO and I parted ways for about two and half years and then, through a simple twist of fate, I'm back on the air waves.

In my off time you'll find me in the kitchen, out in the back yard with my barbeque or on the river or at the lake. I love to cook and I love the outdoors. I also love my time on the air. I did want to say thank you to all the wonderful people that took the time to welcome me back, it made me feel at home.